Sometimes life presents a challenge or change that causes you to reflect and switch course. This was especially true for the both of us…Having moved to Hong Kong in 2015, both leaving exciting careers of more than 10+ years in finance and marketing, we each at times questioned what was next for our future. Once the excitement and stress of the big move wore off, the kids’ schools and schedules were established, we both started to explore our options. We knew a full-time position with a large company was not the right choice while in Hong Kong for our families with small children. From the start of our expat adventure, we sought a life of balance with career and family, certainly a challenging and tall order for many. We missed the excitement and sense of purpose our careers provided and wanted to find a way to have the best of both worlds.

As we’ve settled into the vibrant Hong Kong community, we’ve been continually impressed by the number of talented, highly successful professional women for whom the full-time office employment model is not ideal. The statistics support our observations: according to the 2015 InterNations survey, 84 percent of trailing-spouses are women and only 24 percent of the spouses have jobs.

The concept of PIVOT is to match these talented, qualified women with alternative formats of work. Companies that need specialized, top quality professionals to tackle anything from capital raising to business planning to product launch marketing, and other such projects, can have access to talent previously tenured at blue-chip global companies, on a flexible and limited basis. For our members, the model will allow women to pivot in and out of the workforce on terms that suit their family and personal needs, while providing interesting work and allowing them to keep their skills fresh and stay in-touch professionally. We are excited to take on this challenge and hope to help other professional women find opportunities that fit their lifestyle.

To read more of Wall Street Journal article mentioned above visit: http://blogs.wsj.com/expat/2015/08/24/new-expat-survey-top-countries-trailing-spouse-woes-and-more/

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